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How Many Portable Toilets You Need

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  • 12-10-2016
How Many Portable Toilets You Need

Do You Know How Many Portable Toilets You Need for Your Event?

Planning and outdoor event can take a lot of work. Take a look at why any portable toilets and how many units you will need.

Portable toilets have many benefits to offer. They allow your guests to have access to clean and hygienic bathroom environments. They also make it very convenient for your guests to attend as they won't have to travel large distances to use the toilet. But it's important to rent the right number of units for your event.

When you want to determine the number of toilet units you need, consider a few aspects. If no alcohol will be consumed and the event last for fewer than six hours, you will need fewer units.

In this case for example you can provide one toilet unit for every 100 female or 150 male guests. If you have longer events, you can reduce this to one unit for every 75 people attending the event.

This will allow them to have access to toilet facilities without having to stand in long queues. You want to prevent long queues as this can lead to frustration and inconvenience for your guests. You also don't want to have only a few units as it may not be hygienic for so many people to share one unit.

By having enough units available the environment will always be clean and hygienic. Maintenance will also be easier and much more convenient for people to use. You can speak to a professional rental company to provide you with advice on your specific outdoor event.

A Royal Flush provides luxury portable toilet hire facilities to venues across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and the UK. For more information about our products, phone us on 01273 951 151.