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Guide to Your Outdoor Wedding

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  • 27-09-2016
Guide to Your Outdoor Wedding

Guide to Your Outdoor Wedding  

Weddings are always elegant and very exciting. With outdoor weddings becoming so popular, here are a few great tips to keep in mind.

Planning a wedding is always exciting. They can also be challenging, especially if you are planning outdoor event.

You will often have a professional in charge of specific aspects of the wedding. This can include a florist, a creative and even a decorator. But there are things that he should keep in mind, like providing portable toilet units for your guests.

When you're planning outdoor wedding, portable toilets can be a huge benefit. You can rent luxury toilet units where your case can have access to hygienic and clean bathroom environments. This is a great benefit for any outdoor event. Guests won't have to travel for long distances to use inside toilet facility.

When you rent luxury portable toilets, try to position them out of sight. This not only makes your outdoor event look great, but also allow people to use bathroom facilities in private. You can even position them behind the building outside. Just make sure that there are not too far from the party.

These luxury toilet units come with basins and they are fully serviced. This means your guests will always enjoy a hygienic environment that looks and smells great. Remember to hire enough units, approximately 1 toilet unit for every 7 to 10 guests.

A Royal Flush provides luxury portable toilet hire facilities to venues across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and the UK. For more information about our products, phone us on 01273 951 151.