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Long Term Toilet Hire

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Long Term Toilet Hire

Long Term Toilet Hire

Luxury portable toilet facilities have many benefits to offer. Take a look at how you can benefit from long-term toilet hire for your business or construction site.

There are many situations where long-term portable hire can be beneficial. This includes construction projects, schools, taxi ranks and even engineering companies.

The benefit of this is that these portable units will be serviced on a regular basis. This means your employees and guests will always have a clean and hygienic toilet facilities to use.

When you make use of long-term toilet hire, items like toilet paper and soap will be automatically replaced. The units will be kept clean and this can be arranged on a weekly basis. You can also order the amount of units you need, and add more units as you need them.

Your hiring company will provide you with effective on-site waste removal services. This means you will adhere to all safety and hygienic requirements for your specific business project.

Long-term toilet hire facilities are especially popular on construction sites. This is because these projects can last for months at a time. Construction companies can hire these units to ensure that their own employees have a convenient way of having bathroom facilities whenever they need it.

This is why many businesses choose luxury toilet facilities for additional comfort.

You can order a different types of portable toilet units. They will come with a basin as well, allowing your employees to refresh and wash their hands whenever they use these facilities.

A Royal Flush provides portable toilet hire facilities to venues across Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the UK. For more information about our products, phone us on 01273 951 151.