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Planning Your Workplace Facilities

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  • 06-10-2016
Planning Your Workplace Facilities

Planning Your Workplace Facilities

If you run a construction site, it's important to provide all the facilities necessary. Let's take a look at providing luxury portable toilet facilities to your employees.

The great benefit of luxury portable toilet units is that they can be placed almost anywhere on site. This means that you can provide your employees with clean and hygienic toilet facilities. You can rent only the amount of units needed, and they can also be serviced at regular intervals.

If you will be on-site for a long period of time, you can use a long-term rental contract. You can place a number of units you need on the premises, and have them serviced on a weekly basis. This will include keeping the unit clean, as well as ensuring there are enough supplies.

Always make sure that you provide both hot and running water. These toilet facilities should also be available throughout the entire working day. Keep in mind the distance that employees will need to travel to use these facilities, and to keep them away from physical hazards.

Installing these units can be done by professional hiring companies. These units can either be self-contained, or make use of a tank. This can form part of their weekly maintenance that can be included in your rental agreement. If you can't provide separate units for men and women, make sure that you provide units that can lock.

A Royal Flush provides luxury portable toilet hire facilities to venues across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and the UK. For more information about our products, phone us on 01273 951 151.