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Regulations for Construction Site Toilets

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  • 13-09-2016
Regulations for Construction Site Toilets

Do You Know the Regulations for Construction Site Toilets?

If you own a construction site, you should consider hiring portable toilet units. Let's take a look at the specific requirements for providing these portable toilet units.

When you have employees working for you on construction site, there should be bathroom facilities available. It is a legal requirement to comply with health and safety regulations. Failure to do this may result in penalties and heavy fines.

The first thing you should consider is having enough toilets available. As a general guideline you can provide one portable toilet unit for every seven employees. You should also provide separate toilet facilities for men and women, or provide lockable units if they need to share.

You need to make sure that all these facilities are properly ventilated and well lit. They should also have hot and cold running water, as well as toilet paper inside. There should be hand washing facilities with a towel available. This is why most units are supplied with a washing basin.

Always make sure that these toilets are available through about all working hours. They should also be adequately maintained, including providing supplies like soap and toilet paper. The sinks need to be large enough to wash your hands and face.

Make sure that your employees do not have to travel long distances to use these portable facilities. But at the same time you should position then safely away from hazards.

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